Integrity and Heritage Club

Visit to Akshay Patra Kitchen

Social Science Department

  5   24 July 2018

An initiative was taken by National Public School, Yeshwanthpur to give students of Class 5 a first-hand experience in understanding how a small scale industry functions by visiting the Akshaya Patra kitchen premises. They gave an insight of the kitchen which is run with quality, hygiene and with the objective of providing nutritious food that is prepared with immense care. The motive of this visit was to give a personalised learning experience and to brigade the gap between theory and practice. Students learnt the stages of kitchen such as cooking, packing, loading and delivering meals for children attending government schools in India, which in turn gave them a vision of how workers are involved in preparing food through machines. Students showed their enthusiasm in acquiring knowledge and understanding the operations of Akshaya Patra which aims to end malnutrition and support Right to Education in India.

Serving food to the needy is the utmost service in humanity.