School Program


  28 and 30 November 2018

National Public School, Yeshwanthpur organised the triennial Science Expo SCIENTIFICA 2018 on 28 and 30 of November 2018. Mr. ShanthaRaju, IPS, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Intelligence, and Bengaluru presided as the Guest of Honour on the first day. Dr. Surya Prasad J, Director and Principal, PES School of Engineering, Electronic City along with Dr. Manjula Shivshankar, Director I-5 Academy graced the occasion on the second Day.

The school principal declared the event open and exhorted the students to achieve for excellence in all their endeavours with a bent towards scientific pursuit.

The entire school was resplendent with the ethos of scientific creativity as the students showcased the impact of science in different fields. If through shadow play they paid tribute to the Mother Earth, the audience could get clarity on concepts of mathematics through origami, fun games and presentations. If the working and static models enamoured one and all, the audience had a thrilling adventure in the 'Scientists concepts of physics'. The parents could tune in to the local FM channel to get the latest happening in the school and experience the world of coding by the cryptic wizards.

The civilisations, architecture and achievements held the attention of all in an arena and they were also transported into the world of today that necessitates mitigation strategies when confounded with disasters. The street plays, dance dramas were a visual treat resplendent and interspersed with ancient mythology and scientific tabulations.

The event gave students a forum to showcase their views in a creative fold and holds promise of alert denizens.

Showcasing Our Scientific Bent of Mind