Literary Club

Community Helpers

  1 and 2    6 and 16 September 2019

The Students of Classes 1 and 2 participated in the Inter-House “Role Play on Community Helpers" Competition on 6 and 16 September 2019. In the preliminary round students were asked to speak few sentences about any one of the community helpers using a prop. One winner from each house of all the classes was chosen for the finals. The finalists of all the houses dressed themselves as helpers and enacted their roles using props.

Through this activity students understood that the professions or occupations that deliver a service that makes lives easier or better are the community helpers. They showcased the policemen who keep the communities safe, the doctors who help all stay healthy and the teachers who help students learn. The students displayed immense self –confidence while speaking and the activity helped the children realise the importance of helpers in our lives.

We Protect Our Community

The World is Full of Healers, Helpers & Heroes.
If You Can’t Find One, Be One!!