Our teaching methodologies incorporate the best in various systems from outdoor learning to experimental hands on learning approach.


The sources of learning are varied - reading, field trips, guest talks, discussions, debates, research projects and presentations.

Curriculum of NPS helps learners to develop holistically in terms of personality, critical thinking and problem solving.

Early Year Programme

Montessori Programme

Each child is unique and we need to recognise and hone the multiple skills of the children into individual strengths.


The pre-primary Montessori environment enables children to work with freedom with specific materials for specific concepts at their own pace.


Individual and social development is fostered in each child by a unique way where mixed age groups are in the same environment. Hence, children of age groups 3 to 6 years come together to form spontaneous and harmonious interaction.

Montessori Programme is offered at an early childhood level : 3-6 years.

It is a three year programme.


These are the “foundation years” during which early linguistic, arithmetic basics, expression, physical fitness, constructive socialization, good habits like sharing, helping is built, using the multiple intelligences.

Learning through play way method is encouraged.

Kindergarten Programme is offered at an early childhood level : 4-6 years.

This is a two year programme.

Primary Year Programme

The curriculum is activity based learning with hands on experience and extensive co-curricular activities.

NPS is committed to imparting a strong foundation to children of grades 1-5, in various disciplines such as English Mathematics, Social Science, Life Science, Language Studies, Environment Science and Information Technology.

A continuous and comprehensive assessment pattern has replaced the traditional examinations in the Primary Year Programme.

In order to remove the tedium in classroom, a wide range of classroom technique of teaching is used - such as, group discussions, seminars, projects, guest talks and several unique resources have been developed on the lines of ‘do and learn’ technique. This makes the entire learning process thoroughly enjoyable one.

Yoga, music, craft, cookery and a host of other such activities are woven into the curriculum framework to expose children to various other pursuits other than mere academics.


Students start using Maths Lab from Grade 1 which will help them sharpen their analytical skills and Junior Science Lab for hands on learning.


Establishing good work habits like persistence, independence, time-management  and appreciation of values of learning begin at this stage.


Grade 5 is introduced with an additional language.

Middle Year Programme

Children enter the “Middle School” in Grade 6.

In Grade 6-8 the programme is designed as per CBSE curriculum with interactive, hands on session.

Students are taught to handle the semester portions gradually to get trained to appear for the board examination in the senior classes.

In Middle School, students are ready to tackle deeper and more discreet subjects with specialist teachers including the challenge of additional language.

The programme helps the children to prepare in depth for Grades 9 and 10.

In Middle Year Programme there are many enrichment activities including outbound trips.


Secondary School Programme

Grade 9 will be functional from academic year 2014-2015.