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School Program


  Soil and Agriculture   21 January 2017

Parikrma festival of Science was conducted at Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research from 14 February-16 February 2017 on the topic Soil and Agriculture. The event focussed on educating students to maintain a healthy diet, avoid packaged foods and consume organic food. The students had the opportunity to interact with eminent Scientists and personalities. In Agriculture hackathon, students were given a task of solving the current issues related to farmers by creating a virtual village, which focussed on the problem solving techniques used by students for the benefit of the farmers.

A Mock Parliament session was conducted wherein the students were grouped into states and were allotted a budget of ten lakh crore for the agricultural development of their respective states. Students participated actively with the jury and the policy makers. The event concluded with the fact that Science is an ongoing process for the development of nation.

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Science is an ongoing process for the development of nation.