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School Program


  5 - 9   03 March 2017

A workshop on self-defence for girls was conducted at NPS, YPR by Mr Karthik S Kateel a women empowerment worker and General Secretary JKD Association, Karnataka. He spoke on the usage of social media and its effect on the current generation, educated students on good and bad touchandways to tackle harassment within the family circle. He also highlighted that any issue related to one’s safety should be brought to the notice of parents, teachers and the police, without hesitation.

Self-defence is a key to dealing with harassment.We need to empower the girl child to be confident and take immediate action.He demonstrated various simple and effective techniques as self defence like, piercing the attacker's eyes and holding the neck tightly using two fingers, kicking around the thigh, punching the nose, the solar region below the rib cage continuously etc.In crowded areas, using safety pins to prick and screaming for help was recommended. These techniques not only arouse fear but also physically weaken the attacker, which helps the victim to escape. He further advised the students not to trust any stranger or to travel inisolated areas without an escort.

The session concluded by asking the girls to reach out to their female counterparts and educate them onself defence tactics, to be applied during times of danger.

Art of self - defence - self - esteem... self - awareness and self - protection