Class Assembly


  10 C   16 to 19 July 2018

The students of Class 10 C presented their weekly assembly on the theme 'Perceptions'. The thoughts of the day led all the students to introspect life with optimism and hope as they perceive situations. The mellifluous rendition 'Best day of My Life' ensured all were brimming with positivity as the beats reverberated in the environs.

On 19 July 2018 the dramatic representation of 'The Seven Stages of Perception' put forth the fact how ones attitude towards wants and needs changes with time. An important aspect at a particular stage can become redundant with time. The students were urged to think wisely as they continue in this journey called life. Change is the omnipresent factor and one must accept that was the ingrained tenet.

Have optimism in your perceptions!

Carpe Diem : Live The Moment.