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Class Assembly

End Plastic Pollution

  12 A   4 June 2018 - 7 June 2018

An important lesson that we can glean from the environment movement is to 'Think Globally, Act Locally'. The hazardous effects of the use of plastic and the possible solutions to end plastic pollution were brought out beautifully through a dramatic presentation by the students of class 12 A during their class assembly from 4 June to 7 June 2018. They explained the importance of 4 R's, which are: Reduce, Reuse, Refuse and Recycle and the use of Bioremediation as one of the possible solutions. As a follow - up activity students walked as a rally outside the school campus and addressed students in classrooms giving them alternatives to plastic. They emphasised on the use of stainless steel lunch boxes, water bottles, eco-friendly handmade pouches and bags to protect Mother Earth. They pledged to put this movement into action and continue spreading this awareness until they were assured of a greener future.

Beat Plastic, Think Green, Think Clean