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Class Assembly

Gratitude to Our Motherland

  6 C   02 and 03 January 2019

The Students of class 6C presented their class assembly on the topic 'Gratitude to our Motherland' on 02 and 03 January 2019.

The students drew a comparison between parents and the motherland and said that our motherland is like our parents, as we breathe its air, eat food grown on this land, drink water from the bubbling fresh springs and live on this land. It provides us with everything we need. They showcased their patriotism by singing the famous song by A R Rehman 'Maa Tujje Salaam' with patriotic fervour and enthusiasm.

Freedom In Mind, Faith In Words, Pride In Our Heart, Let Us Salute The Nation Every Day!

Gratitude Is Not Only The Greatest Virtue But The Parent Of All Other Virtues!