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Class Assembly

Expressing Gratitude

  7 A   23 and 24 October 2018

'Parental love is the only love that is truly selfless, unconditional and forgiving.' Keeping this in mind, the students of Class 7A presented their Weekly Assembly on the theme 'Expressing Gratitude'.

They showcased their gratitude towards their parents in the form of a song and poems. The audience was made to think about the sacrifices made by parents to fulfil the needs of their kids and to keep them happy. They sent the message across that the most beautiful thing in this world is to see the smile on our parents faces. 'I have no words to acknowledge the sacrifices you made and the dreams you had to let go, just to give me a shot at achieving mine.'

A Father's Goodness Is Higher Than The Mountain. A Mother's Goodness Is Deeper Than The Sea.

Parents Are The Ultimate Role Models For Children.