Eco Club

One Child One Plant Campaign

  1 & 2   27 January 2020

The Students of Classes 1 & 2 contributed to save mother Earth by planting seeds at National Public School, Yeshwanthpur on 17 October 2019. The stages of sprouting of the seeds into saplings and plants, created a visual treat for all the participants. They watered it on their regular visits to the patch of the gardening area. It helped to create a healthier environment too. From producing oxygen to creating some more greenery, the ‘One Child One Plant’ activity was a great way to work out along with nature and enjoy its flowering sight for a long time.

We Planted A Seed To Grow A Plant….To See It Sprout In A Day Or Two

The Stem Grows Tall With Manure And Water….Flowers A Delightful Sight!