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Eco Club

Wise Water Wisdom

  9   14 - 18 Oct 2019

It is essential that students be sensitised on the importance of conservation of water. The students of Class 9 National Public School, Yeshwanthpur were the BLUECOPS, investigating methods of conserving water under the project WISE WATER WISDOM at their home.

The BLUECOPS reported with proof the initiative taken by each of them in the case of saving water.

The project reflected the various methods adapted to promote judicious use of water at home. It also created a well organised awareness programme for the domestic water budgeting to arrest consumption of water.

The detailed Investigating report on the topic included the awareness campaign with the associated members of the house in saving water on a daily bases. The effective methods employed were tips that reduced the water consumption were using the RO residue for washing purposes and watering the plants with the residue water at the right time etc.

Save Water for A Better Future

Wise Water Wisdom to Water Conservation