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Eco Club

Well Being Out of Waste (WOW)

  11 and 12   4 June 2019

The session began with Mr Ramakanth Co-founder of Solid Waste Management Round Table, Bangalore (SWMRT) addressing the audience by two thought provoking sentences like 'Think before you throw' and 'Your waste is your responsibility', to ponder about the waste they throw and their responsibilities towards it.

This had a great impact on the young minds. They realized that they need to be cautious of their behaviour and dispose their waste properly.

The speaker stressed upon the 3Rs of sustainability i.e. Reduce, Reuse and Recycle which would help to conserve the environment. Students shared their knowledge on the colour code used for the various dustbins i.e. Green for wet waste, Blue for dry waste and Red for hazardous waste.

Emphasis was given for waste segregation and they need to have two bins in houses for wet and dry waste. Students were guided not to dispose the waste in public places and be vigilant if they see someone do so.

It was stressed that during events like marriages, festivals, etc. people should refrain from using disposable items and rather uses utensils which can be hired from various utensil banks present in the city.

A video clip showing conversion of plastic bags into agricultural pipes provided at subsidized rates to the farmers showcased the innovative method.

The session was interactive. Students enthusiastically asked inquisitive questions, to which Mr Ramakanth gave satisfactory answers. This helped the students to realize the commitment required to create an eco-friendly environment for us as well as for the future generations.

Our Waste Our Responsibility