Literary Association (Junior) 2019 - 20

  6 - 8   06 January 2020

The Literary Association organised the Inter - House 'DRAMATICS' Competition on 06 January 2020 for students of Classes 6 – 8. The Preliminary Round was conducted for the four houses namely Athena, Aether, Aura and Astraea based on the play, 'The Merchant of Venice'. Two best teams from each house were shortlisted based on their acting skills, for the final round. The finalists enthusiastically enacted a scene from the play, 'Macbeth'. The students enthralled the audience with their apt timing, excellent dialogue delivery and meticulous enactment of the scenes allotted to them. The event enabled them to explore the genre of drama in the best possible way within the parameters provided to them. The event ended with a sense of pride and fulfillment at having attempted new endeavours in their unique way.

Life Is A Play Enact It Out The Best Possible Way