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Class Assembly

  9B   14 September 2020

No Excuses
"If you want to do something you’ll find a way, if not you’ll find an excuse." -John Rohn

Students are found to make excuses in order to avoid submitting their assignments or to avoid unpleasant situations. In order to acquaint the students with its consequences and how to train oneself to avoid this habit of ‘Making Excuses’, the students of Class 9B presented an assembly on ‘No Excuses’.

This habit of making fabricated excuses is called as ‘The Dog Ate My Homework Syndrome’. Everyone knows it is an excuse and nobody including you believes it.

Hence, simple suggestions were put forth to the audience to break free of this unproductive habit. They are maintaining a To–do list, always using positive vocabulary and owning up to one’s lapses. The programme was interspersed with a classical dance and a song which exhibited the varied talents of the students.

It was a pleasurable experience for the students and the teacher as it helped us to know each other a little better, tapped on the organizational and editing skills of a few students and tapped into their creative abilities

So henceforth, no excuses to make excuses!