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School Programme

Science Experiments - Montessori

  I-5 Academy Montessori     28 September 2020

To foster a child’s logical development, introducing Science inculcates compassion and understanding for nature. To provoke the interest and boost the curiosity in young minds ‘’Science Experiments’’ were chosen as the Activity of the month, theme being 'Colours'.

Students had an opportunity to perform these experiments with the guidance of their parents to create an artwork.

Through such activities students were able to visually understand that all colours in the environment were derived by mixing any two primary colours. They also discovered how to arrive at a darker or a lighter shade. They got an insight into how coloured water travels through tissue paper forming a rainbow of colours.

Students enjoyed exploring colours, using a variety of materials which helped them to develop an understanding of using colours in many forms. These simple experiments helped children acquire new ways of asking questions and understanding the world.

Transcending Colours!!!

Spectrum Of Colours!!!